Monday, August 6, 2007

Ram Bahadur Preaches

On August 2nd, 2007 Ram Bahadur addressed a crowd of approximately three thousand people in the Halori jungle of the Bara District in southern Nepal. The crowd was assembled by the Namo Buddha Tapoban committee that has taken up the responsibility of protecting and supporting Ram Bahadur.

So far the only message I can find from Ram's address is this:
"The only way we can save this nation is through religion"

The address was recorded by a local FM station. I've yet to find the name of the station, a transcript, translation or recording.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ram Bahadur Bomjon see here

Gian could you translate this?


- Begins meditating in May 2005 at Charkose Jhadi in Ratanpur

- After ten months in meditation without food or water, he disappears from the original site early Saturday March 11, 2006

- On March 19, 2006 chairman of Om Namobuddha Committee claimed that Bomjan briefly appeared in a forest some three kilometers Southwest of the meditation spot, talked to committee members and disappeared again. “I left because there is no peace here,” Lama quoted Bomjan as saying. “Tell my parents not to worry about me.”

- In late December, 2006 Ram Bahadur was found in the jungles near Pathlaiya-Nijgadh road section of the Mahendra Highway (Bara district) with a sharp sword at his side 'for his own protection'. Here he temporarily appeared before the media and local villagers (appearance here is the above video). Here he claims to still not have eaten anything except herbal medicines since the May 2005. Ram Bahadur also said that henceforth he would meditate near the historical Halkhoriya pond, some five kilometers west of the place where he meditated before his initial disappearance.

- Following the late December appearance, Ram was found in late March, 2007 meditating inside a seven foot deep pit in Ratampur. He had granted audience earlier that month to express his wish to have the pit dug.

- During a medical team's half hour observation, they noticed Bomjon "breath three times, swallow his saliva once and move his eyelashes."
- Two mute people have been miraculously able to speak after visiting the site
- Ram is claimed to have been bitten by a poisonous snake. Following the bite he began sweating profusely to expel the toxins.
- There are other claims that Ram has spontaneously combusted and requested someone to throw a red cloth over him and the flames.

Let's find out what he said.

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