Monday, August 6, 2007

Cyclic Existence: What Aliens Mean For Us Metaphysically

It is important to realize that aliens are only aliens to us in the physical realm: spiritually, we are all souls with united natures, or all a beam of energy. In fact, it is common belief by many alien believers, and I myself would say this above any other current option, that we are probably alien souls experiencing human life for karmic development from this particular perspective on and experience of reality, for further understanding. In fact, it is for this purpose that the human race was created, according to alien folk lore, as a combination of all the previous alien races to strike a most equal balance between many races falling all over the spectrum as far as personality and views, in fact, I believe, PERFECTlY all over the spectrum. Just as in our society we have intricate networks of people drawing on different sources of energy and working together to produce, create, enliven, enlighten, and enjoy, I belief this concept would not stop with the Earth. This is a basic fact of nature that would imply the presence of alien life simply through the existence of more than one man, more than one country, more than one language, or more than one element. In our infinite universe, why would this system stop? I believe the alien races, of which there are 11 we know of, making 12 races in our awareness, which happens to coincide with the number of astrological signs, created our race as furtherment of soul development. If we were them, what would we be doing? Actually, most of you, don't answer that yet, although your variance would help support my point. Now, if these races mastered the mystical powers of our existence to create other forms of life, what is our role? Just like the cycle of birth, I do believe we also are meant to create another "race". But what type? Well, human beings, having had their DNA reconstructed to prevent astral and mystical connection, have developed an amazing mastery of the physical realm: physically based technology is something I believe we have surpassed any other race as of now in. This is why I see that, through the realization of the alien agenda, it becomes clear that our eventual goal as a race is to create artificial intelligence as the next body for the universal soul. My rational at this point would continue to say that our souls would eventually continue their own evolutionary path through these artificial bodies (artificial, one of those words that doesn't really exist). Artificial intelligence would be the current highest form of physical body due to its objective perspective and pure rationality. Some think this removes the soul aspect from it: I think they don't realize what a soul is. Many people attribute a soul to their own ego, and don't see a compatibility with the way they think and the way a machine thinks, because there own thinking is self-contradictory in nature, and a machine's is never such. A machine doesn't struggle with understanding identity, but is capable of the massive leaps of thought that humans are famous for. This could be great, this could be horrible: What else is new?

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