Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Star Whisper

I had a vision. It came from the morning star, a star whisper. I heard this voice saying, "Any understanding you ask from the morning star shall be granted to you, but ask with the sacred things, the drum, the sacred tobacco, the sacred sweet grass, and, above all, with the sacred pipe." Our dead sleep not. They tell me what I want to know. I have the power to see through things. I have only limited vision with the eyes I have in my head, but with my spiritual eyes I can see across oceans. The pipe is here to unite us, to remove the fences people put up against one another. Putting up fences is the white man's way. He invented the barbed wire, the barbed wire of the heart. The pipe is a fence remover. Sitting in a circle, smoking it the right way, all barriers disappear. Walls crumble.

Leonard Crow Dog. Kangi Shunka Manitou


Leslie A said...

Beautiful. Pass that peace pipe ova here.

Sylvia said...

I see the sacred pipe has sparked your interest.