Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pranic Healing

In Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Tantric Judaism, Islam, and Gnostic Christianity there are two types of energy: Prana (chi) and Shakti (universal God-energy, Buddha, Christ, Brahman). Prana is the word for chi in Hinduism, Ruach in Judaism, Barraka in Islam. People who practice Qi meditation or kundalini yoga are able to harness Prana and manipulate it. This type of energy is what everything physical is composed of... sort of like a life-force, or God manifest in the physical. It can be pooled in the Chakras and channeled from person to person, either through each person's own Prana or through that of the Earth, wind, water, or sun (Chi or Prana from the wind is the most common source, Prana from the sun is the most potent). Shakti on the other hand can't be manipulated, but merely channeled. Pranic Healing is based on the concept that physical and psychological ailments are caused by a disharmony or blockage of Prana in the Chakras. Someone practicing serious meditation or kundalini yoga (especially westerners) often experience "kundalini syndrome" which manifests itself as physical and psychological disturbances, depression, or near-death (this happened to me during my last trip). This is due to a physical manifestation of a person's karma when his or her mind is consciously and physically aware of Pranic energy. Cleansing the body through exposure to sunlight, sea-water, and positve karmic actions like abstaining from or participating in the killing of sentient living beings, surround oneself with large trees, and pranic healing like the video below allow Prana a cleaner and smoother enviornment in the body, thereby alleviating unwanted effects of novists being aware of Prana or Chi. Also, Sakya and Tibetan Buddhists are able to to channel both Prana and Shakti energies without the unwanted effects due to the process of using this energy in order to attain a state of vipassana wisdom after samatha meditation, the goal being liberation from the physical and union with God, and not the manipulation of Prana for physical purposes. Anyway, so far as I know.


Don said...

Gian, I had always thought as the Prana or negative, feminine energy as half of the energy used for chi, meaning that shakti energy is also part of your chi. Are you certain that it is seperate? In Hinduism, Shakti is only the cosmic force that comes from above, Shiva is the counterpart coming from below, and both combined make up your Prana or chi, but the connection to chi is based on my own assumptions. If you know for a fact that the shakti source is actually a seperate phenomenon from the chi force, which I could see the possibility of, let me know, so this doesn't sit in my head as an undefined contradiction.

Anonymous said...

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