Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pharmaceutical Monopoly of YOUR Basic Needs

I followed a link to a Facebook group called "Abate the Codex Alimentarius". I think Giancarlo had mentioned something about this before but I never looked into it. I had no idea about the extent of such obscenity although, again, I'm not entirely surprised what with the way things are going globally. The description of the group is as follows:

"Anyone who has not heard of the Codex Alimentarius before, you're in for a bumpy ride. The Codex Alimentarius is a trade commission in place to control the international trade of food and backed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Bottom line: everything edible, except pharmaceuticals (remember that), is controlled by the Codex. This is to go into full global effect in the year 2010, and here are a couple of disturbing highlights:

You may remember a few years ago there was a big to-do about a new product called Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH). This is a product that increases the milk production in cows. Since then, there have been numerous other products that do the same thing, as well as different hormones given to cows to increase the production of meat. Artificial hormones that increase production will become MANDATORY! And, any vegans out there who think nothing of this should know that all agricultural products would be required to be irradiated. Essentially, all organic food will be illegal. Welcome to the new world order.

Under the Codex, all nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are listed as toxic materials. Any substance deemed as toxic is required to be legally regulated to "protect the ignorant, the unthinking and the credulous" through the science of toxicology. The sciences of toxicology and 'risk management' have one ultimate goal: to limit the amount of the material in question to a point where it will have "no possible affect on humans". So, if the Codex is allowed in the United States, and you go to the store to pick up some glucosamine for your joints or some green tea for. . . well. . . everything, the nutritional content of those tea bags or those gelcaps will be limited to a point where they will have "no possible affect (benefit) on humans".

My greatest fear in all of this (in a world where we have at least one prescription drug commercial during every commercial break) is that in the very near future, any health conscious person who would prefer to watch what they eat and take care of themselves will be allowed only two solutions: pharmaceuticals or death."-Jon Pietz

Facebook Group found here

Summary of Codex in 7 Points

Dear Money Famished Corporations,
Stop ruining my life.
Love, Leslie
P.S. What's next, a tax on air? Let me know.


Mr. Barbarian said...

Flouride will be on the list of approximately thirteen permitted nutrients. What a surprise.

Organic standards will be stripped down to the point where such a label will be completely untrue.

Growth hormones will be mandated for every animal.

Dangerous organic chemicals (including certain deadly pesticides) that were forbidden by 176 countries will be brought back.

Codex estimates their vitamin and mineral guidelines will result in a minimum of three billion deaths.

I think I'll go to law school.

So she says, legally speaking, that the second we become codex compliant in any area, we are not legally allowed to repeal it as long as we're in the WTO

(even though we are not technically in the WTO because no treaty was ratified by the senate. I guess some law was passed allowing bill Clinton to enter into the WTO using executive powers. cough*patriot act*cough)

Ray of hope: countries in the WTO don't HAVE to adopt codex guidelines, standards, and regulations; they only have to address the same issues and subjects using a similar format.

This means that American citizens can determine their own codex guidelines, granted we have the help of congressmen and women

What can we do?

1. Read and sign citizens petition.
2. Disseminate information
(3) Sue the government
(4) Work with congressmen and women

BTW, a large part of congress has no idea about this.

Pharmaceutical companies are taking over nutrient companies.

Congress considers one e-mail 13,000 constituents. Hell yeah@!

Dana Rauerenbocker (sp?) is an orange county politician who will help this cause.
Peter Defazio (sp?) too. - citizens petition.

"Ride the freedom mouse"

If this lady is telling the truth, then we need to do something quick.

Sylvia said...

Flouride in water makes people complacent. HAH!

Something needs to be done.