Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's a-Comin'?

After reading my last post, or even before, please consider being a part of this:

Mass March & Rally to STOP THE WAR!

SEPTEMBER 29 - SATURDAY Olympic & Broadway
12:00 NOON

Congress will not end the war, and marches alone are not enough. That's why this event comes at the end of a week in which it's time to "occupy the occupiers." No more business as usual. UNITE to demand TROOPS OUT NOW!

Schedule for the week:

* Sept 22-24: 1st Tent City, Westwood Federal Bldg.
* Sept 25: Move to Downtown Federal Bldg.
* Sept 25-29: 2nd Tent City, Downtown Federal Bldg.

Volunteers Needed! Get in touch with Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC) at the International Action Center office, 5274 W Pico Blvd, Rm 203, L.A. 90019. 323.936.7266

Initiated by Troops Out Now Coalition - L.A.:

* International Action Center
* Latinos Against the War
* March 25th Coalition for Immigrant Rights

Participation by just about everyone else, including CodePINK, CFWP, 9/11 Truth, and others.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought after going to the DC Protests a few weeks back... As much as I love the dynamics of massive protests.. its not as easy as literally pulling out now... its like telling the Iraqis "oops sorry we messed up, good luck dealing with all the chaos that we caused.." Unfortunately the US got involved in a mess without thinking things through... we ourselves gotta learn their lesson and think of new ways together that we can better the situation and replace violence with constructive actions. I am not advocating further war... I'm just advocating a change in the ways we approach a means to end it. .

Mr. Barbarian said...

I agree.
Unfortunately such mass protests have the tendency to blanket itself with a theme like pull out now.
I prefer 'peace in the middle east' with a solution resolving the lack of infrastructure, sovereignty, justice, law enforcement, trade regulation bureaus, education, and foremost BLOODshed.
We broke it, therefore we must fix it.

Despite this pull out now attitude, i plan on going with my guitar and a blanket to sit on.