Monday, September 24, 2007

Learn Think Know Create

"We do not yet trust the unknown powers of thought. Whence came all these tools, inventions, book laws, parties, kingdoms? Out of the invisible world, through a few brains. The arts and institutions of men are created out of thought. The powers that make the capitalist are metaphysical, the force of method and force of will makes trade, and builds towns." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

But never let them think you also have that kind of capacity too or they'll kill ya.


We need you, Jimi.
End of Post.

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aboooooodbus said...

Funny Video Today

This is my 2nd football video
Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel Live does a Hidden Camera Prank to a locksmith and several singing telgrams
a crazy cow
It is so funny Hidden Camera
George Bush Is Funny
bush breaks some wind

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