Monday, August 13, 2007

Conscious Evolution

April 16, 1990

From Divine Revelations, Renderred by Sri Satya Sai Baba, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna

On this fine day in meditation, Baba was speaking on the subject of jiivi, the intellect. He said, "During the adhibhutic, waking stage, the jiivi rules over the mind and the entire antahkaran (realization process), and is engaged in prarabh, sanchit, agami karmic relationship with them.
During the adhidaivic, dream sequences of sleep, the jiivi moves into the astral world. There he will view numerous events, and can experience a higher, vibrational consciousness similar to angelic beings, such as levitation, passage through impervious surfaces, location of departed souls, and the ability to return to the days of antiquity. He can communicate with souls who were embodied at that time, and he has three of eightfold siddhis that are anima, laghima, and mahima. During the dreamless, adhyatmie state of sleep, the jiivi is in a soundless, non-visionary void.
Once jiivi surrenders teh ego to God, all three stages dramatically change. Accordingly, in teh adhibhatmic, dreamless state, jiivi can enter the causal world withe complete visibility. Moreover, when one meditates, the jiivi can enter the astral-etheric and causal worlds, and can traverse into the adhiyajnic, superconsciousness state."

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Brigitte said...

can you reach this state without knowing it? like visiting a place while dreaming, and again while conscious of it, ergo, you're "creating" deja vu?