Friday, February 1, 2008

Vote Neither

It is of course greatly disappointing that it has come down to Obama and Clinton with no Kucinich in sight. There is no use mourning what I feel is the inner deterioration of America no matter which rotten road we take. I was listening to NPR yesterday and the Peace and Freedom party wants the troops to come home immediately but how are we to leave the Afghan and Iraqi people without cleaning up the mess? They want us gone but fear us gone because the civil war will aggravate. I heard a woman say "With the Americans we have a sense of security." People say to cameras that they want Sadaam back. "Sadaam was bad but this is worse! Bring him back!". To be honest though, I don't know of any alternatives either way. The civil war must end but I'm not sure it can or will. Things have become too extreme for peace to be a thought in the minds of those who chant violence as the answer.

I wanted to share this because I think it's important to know where Ann Coulter stands on issues to guide where I DON'T stand on them. For the record, I'm not voting for McCain and definitely not for Clinton. My hope left with Kucinich's exit.

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