Monday, November 12, 2007

The Tip of the Duesberg

So I started my research into alternatives to the HIV/AIDS theory and am finding some alarming articles...

This one explains the primary methods used to diagnose AIDS in Africa are dysfunctional because they follow a system of symptom recognition rather than legitimate testing (too expensive). By doing so, thousands of people are diagnosed with AIDS when in fact they don't have HIV but merely have Tuberculosis or some other curable ailment. This 'false death sentence' plagues morality, ruins energy for the future, and instills a fear of seeing doctors. Not to mention the possibility of 'psychological death', where simply thinking you are going to die will kill you.

The focus on AIDS diverts much needed assistance for malaria medicines, tuberculosis medicines and the like. It also diverts attention from the fact that a majority of the 'AIDS' patients live impoverished in war torn countries and are often starving.
In 1992 Uganda's total budget for malaria treatment and control was less than $57,000 yet foreign funding for AIDS was over $6 million dollars.
People need healthy food, clean water, and basic medicine.
You can't cover this problem up with condoms and toxic treatment.

The conspiracy theorist within wishes to note that this problem conveniently coincides with the US gov's declared intention of population control in these regions (as cited in the article)

This article details four patients who became very ill, were diagnosed with AIDS/HIV, and then healed themselves holistically after refusing to take AZT and the likes (one guy underwent a treatment where doctors withdrew his blood, heated it to over 100 degrees F, and put it back inside him to effectively kill the viruses)
I understand it's only four cases, but if anything it is remarkable testament to the power of nutrition and positive attitude.

These articles are only leaves on the tree

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