Thursday, November 1, 2007

Any Government, Other Than Self, Bleeds Oppression

"Tear gas used at Venezuela rally"

Venezuelan troops have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse thousands of students in the capital, Caracas.

The students are demonstrating against constitutional reforms proposed by Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

One of the reforms would abolish term limits for the presidency, thus allowing President Chavez to stand for re-election indefinitely.

The students want a December referendum on the reforms to be postponed, to give voters more time to study the plans.

Leaders of the protest have been granted a meeting with Tibisay Lucena, the president of the National Electoral Council to discuss their demands.

The protest follows a similar demonstration on 24 October, in which at least five demonstrators suffered minor injuries after riot police acted to disperse the crowds.

Bypassing legal controls

In addition to abolishing presidential term limits, President Chavez is also proposing to bypass legal controls on the executive during a state of emergency, bring in a maximum six-hour working day, cut the voting age from 18 to 16, and increase presidential control over the central bank.

The Venezuelan congress - dominated by Chavez supporters - recently voted through the reform package.

If the reforms are approved in the December referendum, then they will become law.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/11/01 22:20:58 GMT



Mr. Barbarian said...

I'm wary to believe this because I've watched a documentary on the October 24th demonstration and it claims that the CIA and the Venezuelan military purposely incited violence and blamed it on Hugo Chavez' government. After framing Chavez the military acted out a coup. The coup was short lived because Palace guards loyal to Chavez recaptured the palace and re-established Chavez' government.
The whole issue is mind boggling because the media is split between privatized companies and Hugo Chavez' state channel. Each source of information gives two entirely contradictory outlooks. They're both essentially pointing their fingers at each other and saying "he's lying."

I think this recent demonstration in Caracas merits further investigation.

Here's the documentary:

From what I presently understand, it is a feasible possibility that the privatized media is fabricating lies in order to prevent their wealth from being re-distributed under a socialist president.

Anonymous said...

Read the draft of the constitution ammendments...

do you still think Chavez wants to re-distribute wealth?

Do you really think the media makes up everything?

are these media made?

Giancarlo said...

I'm all for redistributed wealth, publicly-run natural resource control, free public education, food, and subsidized shelters and homes.

The problem with every revolution in which one class overthrows and controls another is that it will always create a new class of party elites (See American, French, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and Cuban revolutions). As far as it being a feasible possibility that the privatized media is fabricating lies, it's also equally feasible that the state-run media does the same. My point is that you cannot shun one side and think the other saintly. Any government, whether a democratic-republic based on limited-market controlled capitalism, or state-controlled socialism, is oppressive.

I strongly urge you to read about the history of the First International (which was called "The First International Workingman's Association" before Marx hijacked it) and its association with anarchism, their ethical pursuits, and Marx's relationship with Bakunin.

The second you give up any control over your own life to any form of government, you've put shackles on yourself. What is needed is a socialist society as a transition to ultimate liberty, but only as a transition, not a solution.

One cannot appeal to ignorance or to an ad hominem argument, they're fallacies, and shatter under their own weight. If all of our information is coming from one side or another, both with vested interests in the outcome of the news, we had better believe neither, and think for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

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