Friday, October 26, 2007

What is Compassion?

This morning while getting ready for work my mom was watching the spanish news. Not unlike any other news channels they are mostly covering the fire crisis in California. They go into a story about a family of 6 illegal immigrants, previously living in San Diego, whose home burnt down and then they were deported. I'm rummaging trying to find a non-bias story to show you all what I'm talking about but I could only find this one. Not unbiased but at least it's a source to confirm that I'm not making shit up. Also, know that some of these deportees are children. Of course no one else but the spanish channel will tell you that and show you their faces and earnestness.

Read the comments. I am not mad at these people. I'm just disappointed.

I just left the following input:

"The lower I go in these comments the more depressed I get for a vast majority of you people. Obviously there is no value in human life or the fact that people are people just like you. What would you care about more, a family of natural Americans being found burnt alive or a family of illegal immigrants being burnt alive? The question alone is stupid because the answer is an obvious one. Not to me. Question why they're illegal and go into the history of this nation. Mexico was stolen. Actually this entire country was stolen if you want to talk about people not belonging. Of course it's not about these people being burnt alive. It's about you all believing that they were looting. Check your sources and the motives of those sources. Check what happened during Katrina. How quickly we forget. How convenient that you never knew or cared to find out. The way this society works has infiltrated your minds with ethnocentrism. "Get out of America!". One world, people. ONE. WORLD. America's sovereignty is going to cease after NAFTA and the North American Union come into play. Hopefully then you will realize that just because you were born on this side of that man-made fence, doesn't make you more of a human being than any other person with air in their lungs and a goal to survive. You'd think and I'd hope disasters like this would put things in perspective for the population (the way 9/11 did) and reaffirm the truth of the common goal of humankind. News like this reminds people like me not to lose sight of that, but people like you dig right into terms like "illegal" and start getting rushes from knowing your brother or sister is losing an entire livelihood, regardless of where they had no choice but to be born. Don't believe that they were looting unless you know the situation personally and have heard or seen them yourself, after all, these people are more afraid of you than you are of them. Illegals looting American items actually means human beings doing what they can to survive. Goodbye ethnocentric majority. Good luck."


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jade said...

this is truly disheartening. to know that these people are sitting in their corner offices, making misinformed comments about a situation they know virtually nothing about instead of actually working, or stay at home moms working so hard to make sure the mexican nannies keep their children quiet so as not to disturb them while they make the same ridiculous assumptions. curious how the only people who seem to care about immigration are upper middle class assholes who make more than they can keep track of anyway. they kick and scream when the issue never even affects them. in fact, they'll go ahead and pay an immigrant to cut the grass because it's saturday and they have to go to the golf course. and all this ignorance without the slightest understanding of what immigrants, illegal or otherwise, do for our economy and society. god, i could go on forever and respond to each individual comment because there were some that really got to me, but i'll just let it eventually slap them in the face one way or another.