Friday, September 21, 2007

Manifesto of a Madman Part II

"One-half minus one half equals zero, but it takes time for that to happen..."

-the nameless bum

Part 2 of 9 of the Manifesto of a Madman:

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Anonymous said...

i'm assuming you go to UCSB (since you're posting about the homeless vegetarian man). i think i know you... did you live in a dorm called Tropicana Gardens?

BryanHep said...

yea, i lived in #251. did you live in that complex also?

Anonymous said...

yeah... i think i was in #254. i lived there for a quarter. i think we're facebook friends. haha

aboooooodbus said...

Funny Video Today

This is my 2nd football video
Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel Live does a Hidden Camera Prank to a locksmith and several singing telgrams
a crazy cow
It is so funny Hidden Camera
George Bush Is Funny
bush breaks some wind

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